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  • Sonos Move 2

    Bluetooth & WiFi Portable Home Speaker

    The Sonos Move 2 is the second generation of Sonos’ premium portable speaker boasting a number of upgrades for enhanced performance including double the battery life and new powerful stereo sound. With WiFi 6 connectivity, stream interruption free at home to enjoy the benefits of the Sonos ecosystem and switch to Bluetooth 5.0 when on the go. 

    • Up to 24 hours battery-life
    • Dual tweeters for superior stereo sound
    • Automatic trueplay tuning - fine tunes sound wherever you are
    • USB-C device charging & line-in connectivity for external audio sources (adapter required)
    • Durable weather & drop-resistant design 
    • Versatile connectivity with WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, Airplay 2, Sonos app, Voice Control & more

    Designed for home and away

    As a heavy duty portable speaker, Move 2 delivers powerful, premium sound wherever you go. With both WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, the Sonos Move 2 offers the best of both enabling you to enjoy great Sonos sound whether you’re at home or on the go. Move from room to room or expand your system out into the garden. Use the included charging base as a dock in your home, keeping your Move 2 charged and ready to go when you are.

    Move 2 also works with all other Sonos speakers and can even share bluetooth audio with the rest of your Sonos system by grouping.


    Upgraded control and connectivity

    Move 2 offers versatile connectivity options so you can enjoy your content, your way. Alongside WiFi and Bluetooth, stream via the Sonos S2 app, Airplay 2 and Spotify Connect. 

    Control playback via the Sonos app or go hands-free with Amazon Alexa or Sonos Voice. With a far-field microphone array and advanced beamforming and multi-channel echo cancellation, your voice has never been clearer. Prefer privacy? Tap the mute button on the top panel or toggle off the mic switch to disconnect all power to the mics.

    With refreshed top panel controls, play, pause, skip, replay, group or ungroup Sonos products and adjust the volume with the volume slider.

    Connect an external audio source

    With upgraded functionality, use the USB-C line-in to connect a turntable, computer or other audio source using the Sonos Line-in adapter. Once connected, stream to any other Sonos speakers on your WiFi network. 

    Alternatively, use the line-in to connect to your router with an ethernet cable and Sonos Combo Adapter.

    High-fidelity stereo sound & deep bass

    With a completely overhauled acoustic architecture, this second generation Move houses two angled tweeters powered by Class-D digital amplifiers for wide, spacious sound and crisp vocals. A precision-tuned woofer powered by a third Class-D amplifier delivers deep, dynamic bass and impressive mid-range vocals. 

    Custom waveguides finely control the direction and dispersion of frequencies to give us a wider and more balanced soundstage. Adjust the bass, treble and loudness in the Sonos app to fine-tune your speaker.

    For an even wider and more detailed soundstage, add a second Sonos Move 2 to create a stereo pair when connected to WiFi.

    Rugged, portable design

    With a portable design and built-in carry handle, take your speaker with you on the go. Made from shock absorbent materials, Move 2 is protected against accidental drops or knocks inside or out. 

    Its durable design is also IP56 rated meaning it can withstand sun, rain, snow, dirt and more and is protected from high-pressure water streams and dust.


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