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  • January 04, 2024 2 min read

    HEOS Optimized for You

    We’re excited to announce the newest version of the HEOS® app. For those who haven’t used HEOS Built-in, you can learn all about it in our article on HEOS. And for those who have used it before, you’ll notice the redesigned look and improved layout. This latest version has a bunch of new features including Home and Search tabs, and the “Now Playing” function now appears at the bottom of the app screen.

    The result is a much-improved experience. The Home tab creates more immediate access to personalized content including your favourite music, while the Search tab lets users search for content across multiple music streaming services and owned libraries. “Now Playing” now shows up at the bottom of the app screen no matter where you are in the app. We’ve also kept great features like the Rooms tab, giving users seamless control over HEOS-enabled devices throughout their homes.


     In addition to the new look, our developer team fixed a bunch of bugs and other issues. You can look forward to better device discoverability and stability of wireless surround technology, as well as improvements in login security, playback stability, in-app controls, audio syncing, and in-app messaging.

    For those of you with Apple devices, there’s even more to be excited about with this new software update. With Denon Home wireless speakers and sound bars, you can extend access to Siri beyond where you have a HomePod or HomePod mini. Ask Siri directly on your Denon speaker to play music, add a reminder to the list, broadcast a message using intercom to others, and more.

    With the updated HEOS app, you’ll be able to enjoy a modernized interface, more seamless control, improved functionality, and much more.